Logic by Machine - RILO

"Hypnotic video with beautiful music, a youtube masterpiece."


"this is gorgeous! Very beautiful in all aspects."


"WOW, I love this track!!"


A quick note.


March 2022


I have started to post some

music together with visuals

on TikTok. I like that it's

only 3 minutes and everything

posted seems so fleeting.


For the moment, TikTok is a needed and healthy distraction.













 I'm most definitely not TikTok's target demographic and I'm using it all wrong. However, I'm in awe at the volume of quality artists it curates.


The youth can make any sound they want and be heard.







 I have called time on my  posting to YouTube and have removed all but one video. I may revisit uploading again at a future moment.  


I sincerely appreciate everyone who viewed and supported the channel, it was unexpected and a fun experience.



(Select videos reposted to Vimeo)





















As I turn off the lights on my channel here is some shameless pride, and actual stats from 2010/11 



#101 Top Rated (This Month) - Music Ireland

#4 Most Viewed (This Month) - Music Ireland

#81 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Morocco

#151 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Yemen

#53 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Czech Republic

#105 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Germany

#144 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Israel

#148 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music India

#159 Most Viewed (This Week) - Argentina

#30 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Argentina

#48 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Spain

#103 Most Viewed (This Week) - Mexico

#19 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Mexico

#137 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music France

#82 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Italy

#88 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Poland

#112 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Brazil

#125 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Sweden



"I cant stop listening to this song!"

Renoise legion

"The trippiest s@#t on YouTube!"

Ramon Menocal


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