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Logic by Machine - RILO

"Hypnotic video with beautiful music, a youtube masterpiece."


"this is gorgeous! Very beautiful in all aspects."


"WOW, I love this track!!"


"I cant stop listening to this song!"

Renoise legion

"The trippiest s@#t on YouTube!"

Ramon Menocal


Logic By Machine - Ambient
Logic By Machine - Ambient Music

The recent uploads (below) are a result of spending time outside. Time trying to make sense of the world, to find solace among the trees, looking for answers in nature.


There is no answer, it just is. Always is... the beauty of nature is only balanced by its callousness.





















With over a hundred videos uploaded,   millions of views and 12 Years posting  content, I've decided to remove all but one video from YouTube.


Back at the dawn of YouTube I started posting some of my old noise coupled with visualizations, original film and edited archive footage from the brilliant Prelinger Archives. It seemed obvious, video was going to be the next step in the evolution of the Internet. I just gave it a go. 


A re-upload of selected videos are below and the following are a "highlight reel" of actual YouTube stats for a couple of tracks:


#101 Top Rated (This Month) - Music Ireland

#4 Most Viewed (This Month) - Music Ireland

#81 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Morocco

#151 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Yemen

#53 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Czech Republic

#105 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Germany

#144 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Israel

#148 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music India

#159 Most Viewed (This Week) - Argentina

#30 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Argentina

#48 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Spain

#103 Most Viewed (This Week) - Mexico

#19 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Mexico

#137 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music France

#82 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Italy

#88 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Poland

#112 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Brazil

#125 Most Viewed (This Week) - Music Sweden

Plese note... These are from early doors YouTube, similar stats today would generate revenue. But Kids, it's a really terrible career choice :)